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April 2018



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We are happy to lead off this research newsletter with good news. The FY18 Federal Omnibus spending bill passed at the end of March heralds some of the largest spending increases for science funding in nearly a decade.


This includes a $3B increase (8.8%) for NIH, a solid 4% increase for NSF, and a 3.5% increase for USDA NIFA. Details about specific NIH and USDA spending priorities can be found here and here.


We have already heard of new NIH funding commitments for that will benefit CVMBS programs and anticipate that the logjam of federal awards for applications scoring in the funding range but awaiting final passage of the FY18 appropriations will start to move forward.


Last month I had the pleasure of spending several hours with approximately two dozen CVMBS researchers at a workshop/retreat exercise (see details below under "Announcements").


At the start of the meeting each participant described the reason he or she was excited about the future of research, and what emerging areas of discovery would enable new discoveries.


Enthusiastic about the future


Nearly all responses could be summarized as enthusiasm to collaborate across different disciplines, opportunities offered by transformational technologies such as genome sequencing, genome manipulations, and high-end imaging, and the perspective of applying established paradigms to new research questions.  


Despite the challenges associated with keeping laboratories funded, students on track, and confronting regulatory burden, it remains a very exciting time to be a scientist!


This newsletter provides an overview of our Veterinary Student Scholar Program (a record nearly 40 students will be participating this summer), CCTSI renewal updates, as well as CVMBS publications and grant awards issued January-March.


As always, please let us know of any omissions or suggestions for information you would find helpful in future editions.


Dr. Sue VandeWoude
Associate Dean for Research
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Featured on CVMBS Source, the college's home for news: Taking on Washington


Kristy Pabilonia in Washington talking to senators


During the Association of American Veterinary Medical Colleges annual meeting in Washington D.C., Dr. Kristy Pabilonia (above), met with Colorado representatives to advocate for the veterinary profession and issues of concern in nationally and in Colorado.



Found in Translation: CU and CSU researchers collaborate using natural animal models

LetgoHealthy: Animals like cats, ferrets, lions, and cows can carry tuberculosis and pass it onto humans

CSU Source: Temple Grandin Equine Center opens doors to Denver community

JAVMA News: Lappin chairing WSAVA one-health committee

Veterinary Practice News: Henry Schein supports CSU sports medicine and rehabilitation veterinarian

9 News: Astronaut's chromosomes 'like a bungee cord'

CBS Local: CSU Veterinarians Study Acupuncture In Dogs

Environews: Wild Horses May Hold a Solution to Slowing Spread of Fatal CWD in Deer, Elk

CSU Source: 3-minute challenge winners are 2018-19 research fellows

Marijuana Business Daily: Cannabis businesses finding success in pet CBD market

CSU Source: Dr. Susan Lana named new holder of the Stuart University Chair in Oncology

Farm World: Chronic wasting disease found in Ohio captive whitetail deer

The Horse: Late-term pregnancy troubles in Broodmares

ESPN: One Cure featured on Bowyer's #14 at Las Vegas

Horsetalk: Major Thoroughbred study seeks to uncover true impact of leg issues seen in imaging

Morning Ag Clips: Drought conditions make state ripe for fire



Research Raves


Faculty Research Awards

Seventeen extramural grant awards totaling over $800,000 were awarded to CVMBS faculty between January and April. If you have received an award that is not listed here, please contact Valerie Lewis to report the omission. We will publish an erratum in the next newsletter.


Faculty Publications

CVMBS faculty were authors on nearly 65 manuscripts published between Jan. 1 and March 31. Topics ranging from arterial anomolies to Zika are listed here.



Research Forecast




Upcoming seminars, meetings, workshops, events, and conferences


April 26: CCTSI Town Hall noon-1 p.m., Pathology 103. Dr. Ron Sokol, CCTSI Director will be in attendance to explain new programs and answer questions. Come have lunch on the CCTSI and learn about changes coming to the CCTSI, the Trial Innovation Network, and bring your questions for audience Q&A. Register here.
April 26: CVMBS Spring Forum 4-6 p.m.; Iris & Michael Smith Alumni Center, CSU Stadium
April 26-27: Colorado State University's Inaugural Water in the West Symposium; McNichols Civic Center Building, Denver
April 27: 11th Annual Rocky Mountain Reproductive Sciences Symposium - Prenatal Stress and Neurodevelopment; Lory Student Center Theater
April 28: Fast and Furriest 5K; CSU Oval; $5 discount with code: FANDFRACE

May 4: Last Day of Classes
May 7-11: Final Exams
May 11-12: Commencement Ceremonies
May 14: CVMBS Veterinary Summer Scholars Program Orientation; 8 a.m.-1 p.m.; Pathology 103
May 14: First Day of Summer Session  
May 28: Memorial Day (University Holiday)
June 12-14: Symposium on The Metabolism of Infectious Diseases; Lory Student Center Theater
Oct. 5-6: Zoobiquity Colorado: Connecting human and animal health through regenerative medicine is a two-day conference that will take place at both CU Anschutz and CSU. This national meeting, focusing on regenerative medicine advances, is built on a One Health concept designed to bring together leading clinicians and scientists in human and veterinary medicine. Details are still being finalized regarding the agenda and keynote speakers.


Grant/application announcements

Fifty five applications were submitted in response to the CVMBS College Research Committee call for proposals. The CRC and ad hoc reviewers are currently reviewing proposals and expect to make awards by early May.


Veterinary Summer Scholar Program
We received a record number of applications for this year's VSSP. We tapped a wide variety of federal, industrial, and foundation resources to support 37 students in 33 mentor laboratories. The program will take place between May 14 and August 5; the National Scholar Symposium will be held Aug. 2-5 at Texas A&M University. Two students will be funded to participate in research at University of Alaska Fairbanks. For more information, contact Sue VandeWoude or Steve Dow.


CCTSI CU-CSU Collaboration Pilot Grant Award


From Found In Translation, the newsletter of the CCTSI:
"The applications for the CU-CSU Collaboration Pilot Grant Award were extremely strong this year," says Tom Campbell, MD, co-leader of the program. "Their scores were some of the best I have seen since I've been leading this program, and we are excited to see their work progress."


Two of those recipients are Melanie Joy, PharmD, PhD, associate professor, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences in the Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences from CU Anschutz, and Geoff Heffner, DVM, assistant professor, Small Animal Emergency and Critical Care. Their project, Medical Device for Kidney Disease Indication: from Canines to Humans, aims to determine the safety and efficacy of a medical device used in conjunction with hemodialysis.

Geoff Heffner


Geoff Heffner, DVM, DACVECC





CVMBS Research Retreat/Workshop: Thanks to the nearly two dozen CVMBS faculty who participated in a research workshop on March 29. The work this group contributed to helping to sort out CVMBS research priorities over the next five years will be refined and widely distributed. The draft statement "Lead biomedical research to improve health in animals, people, and the environment" was developed as a CVMBS research strategic priority intention.  Objectives that will be developed include:

- Existing and new research facility development

- Investing in research cores and current and emerging areas

- Promoting philanthropic efforts to bolster basic research endeavors

There will be many opportunities to contribute to these initiatives.


CRITC Corner

Information Technology-related resources for CVMBS researchers:
(contributed by Joe Strecker)

Free or discounted site-licensed software is available for CVMBS users (contact Joe Strecker for details).

Graphpad Prism: Limited number of free licenses still available for FACC and MIP members. Others can purchase through CVMBS at the discounted price of less than $50/yr - do not purchase direct from Graphpad, discount only available through CVMBS.

Geneious: Free licenses available.

MatLab: Free licenses available.


Research Admin announcements
(contributed by Dana Schwartz and Staci Folot)


Space Survey
An updated Facilities and Administrative (F&A) rate is being calculated for CSU. As part of the calculation, space will be surveyed to identify the projects, occupants and use of the space in those departments which have significant research funding.  The space survey will take place during April  and department people will be walking the space and asking space related questions of people in the labs. Thanks for your help in providing a complete and accurate representation of the rooms and ensuring that CSU can recover the indirect costs associated with supporting our research mission.


News from the Office of Sponsored Programs
(submitted by Diane Barrett, Director OSP)


We have completed our first certification period in the new ecrt effort reporting system. As I write this, the certification period ended yesterday and we are at 99.3% certified, with only 23 statements remaining out of over 3,300!


While 99.3% would not satisfy an auditor, I think it is a terrific first showing and a tribute to the spirit of cooperation I find at CSU more than on any other campus where I have worked or consulted. Over 750 effort coordinators learned the system, pre-reviewed every statement before a PI saw it, and many sat with their PIs while they certified.


I have to say that the Sponsored Programs crew and the Research Services crew did an outstanding job of support and trouble-shooting as well. Until now, the effort certification function has been in Payroll, not in OSP, and there has and continues to be a learning curve on both systems and policies by all involved. We also had Huron with us, of course, helping us implement and providing very fast customer service. This was the easiest implementation with which I have ever been involved.


There are still processes we need to work out, training we need to do, and situations that come up that surprise us. That is normal, particularly when working with effort reporting - a burden that makes little sense in the context of faculty lives but that we have to live with as recipients of federal funding. I am grateful for those moments of wit, professionalism and perspective from all involved. It is what I have come to expect from the people of CSU.


Errata from the previous edition

We neglected to include these publications in our bibliography of CVMBS faculty products in the January 2018 newsletter.  Thank you to faculty who pointed out these omissions.


Perinatal Bisphenol A Exposure Induces Chronic Inflammation in Rabbit Offspring via Modulation of Gut Bacteria and Their Metabolites. Lavanya Reddivari, D. N. Rao Veeramachaneni, William A. Walters, Catherine Lozupone, Jennifer Palmer, M. K. Kurundu Hewage, Rohil Bhatnagar, Amnon Amir, Mary J. Kennett, Rob Knight, Jairam K. P. Vanamala. American Society for Microbiology, Vol 2 Issue 5 e00093-17. DOI: 10.1128/mSystems.00093-17

Winn Feline Foundation / Miller Trust "New Feline Investigator Award" (In Memory of Fred Jacobberger), for our proposal: Quantification and evaluation of long-term cortisol in the hair and nails of cats: novel, noninvasive measures of chronic stress in cats
Principal Investigators: Elena Contreras, DVM, MS, Michael Lappin, DVM, PhD, DACVIM; Colorado State University; $11,484



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